Gerringong Surf Club

Surf Life Saving Club • 1976

Gerringong Surf Life Saving Club is situated at the south end of the picturesque Werri Beach, South Coast NSW. We are a tight-knit, welcoming organisation, dedicated to protecting those that swim and surf at Werri Beach, and the nearby Seven Mile Beach. The club patrols Werri Beach on weekends and public holidays during the surf season, which runs from September to April every year. Each season our members volunteer over 10,000 hours, and perform countless rescues.

Club membership is growing strong, particularly within our active Nippers division. The club boasts a long and proud history in competition, especially in surf boat rowing. The club is also home to healthy social scene, with regular events providing members, the local community, and visitors alike an opportunity to catch up and enjoy a drink at a clubhouse with one of the best views on the coast. Once a year, we host the fearsome Captain Christie Ocean Swim, attracting swimmers of the highest calibre.

Surf Lifesaving.

Gerringong Surf Club patrols the southern end of Werri Beach between September and April each year. The club currently boasts nearly 100 patrolling members, who all give up their time to ensure the safety of the general public.

We are always on the lookout for new members. The club runs regular Surf Rescue Certificate (13-15yrs) and Bronze Medallion (+15yrs) courses for those looking to become surf lifesavers. Basic training courses are free for those that join a patrol.

We regularly host training opportunities beyond SRC and Bronze, including Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Beach Management, IRB Crewman and IRB Driver. All of these courses are delivered by qualified Surf Life Saving professionals.

All patrolling Surf Lifesavers complete annual proficiency: a complete review of first-aid skills and rescue techniques, plus the challenging run-swim-run in whatever ocean conditions are dealt on the day; a powerful team building experience.

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  • Join Surf Life Saving Australia
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  • Patrol Roster 2017-2018 PDF
  • Bronze & SRC Proficiency Sat 11-Nov-17
  • Bronze & SRC Proficiency Sat 10-Dec-17
  • Bronze Medallion & SRC Compact Course
  • Health, Surf Awareness Sat 14-Oct @ 9am-2pm
  • Resus, Board & Tube Rescue Sun 15-Oct @ 9am-12pm
  • Radio, Flags, First Aid, Carries Sat 21-Oct @ 9am-2pm
  • Revision, Run-Swim-Run Sun 29-Oct @ 9am-12pm


Gerringong is home to an enthusiastic and talented group of Nippers ranging from the boisterous under 6’s all the way up to the very competitive under 13’s. They are coached in surf safety, beach flags, ocean swim, board paddling, and more.

Nippers provides an opportunity for young people to learn and practice valuable surf skills and rescue techniques, building up to competing in carnivals and competition, eventually becoming patrolling members. We teach surf skills and ocean safety for life.

Gerringong Nippers prides itself on the pillars of fun, team spirit, competition, and ‘having a crack’. Nippers are held at Werri Beach every Sunday between October and March. A few times per year we move Nippers to Seven Mile Beach.

Nippers intersects beautifully with our social calendar. We hold inter-club days with Kiama and Kiama Downs, host occasional visits from far-flung clubs. Nippers have a Christmas party, and ride in a surf boat for the annual Gerringong Street Parade.

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  • Proficiency Swims @ Kiama Leisure Centre
  • Proficiency Swim 17-Sep-17 @ 3:30-5:00
  • Proficiency Swim 08-Oct-17 @ 3:30-5:00
  • Proficiency Swim 15-Oct-17 @ 3:30-5:00
  • Nippers Development Days
  • Dev Day (Warilla Barrack Point) 21-Oct-17 @ 2:00pm
  • Nippers Starts Day One 22-Oct-17 @ 9:30am
  • Nippers Calendar 2017-2018 PDF


Everybody is welcome to become a member of Gerringong Surf Club. Enroll the kids as Nippers to have fun, learn surf skills, and ocean and safety. Get involved as a parent in Nippers as an Age Manager, all training is provided and it’s easy. We have a Cadets program, and social Surf Youth™. Go further with SRC and Bronze Medallion, even further still with competitive rowing and advanced training in IRB Crewman & Captain, Advanced Resuscitation, and more…

There are three links to the right (below on mobile phones). 1. Join Surf Life Saving to get in the national database. 2. Pay a modest $50 annual membership fee at the portal, to cover insurances and training. 3. Create an account at the Member’s Portal to access training materials and manage your membership. Email us for support and advice. Most impportantly, come on down to the club at weekends to get involved. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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  • Join Surf Life Saving Australia
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  • Kids Participate in Nippers
  • Youth Participate in Cadets and Surf Youth™
  • Parents Participate in Nippers as Age Managers
  • Adults Complete Bronze & Youth Complete SRC
  • All Members & Friends Welcome Social Activities

Surf Club Social.

Gerringong Surf Life Saving Club is home to an ever evolving social scene. The club hosts a number of social events throughout the year, providing an opportunity for members and local residents to get together in a relaxed setting. These events are open to all members of the community, so bring your mates.

During the summer the club runs weekly Sunday Sippers. Mostly at the clubhouse, and occasionally at the adjoining Gerringong Bowling Club, on Sunday afternoon from 3pm as the patrols wind down for the day, the deck overlooking the point at the south end of Werri Beach hosts a refreshing beverage.

Inter-club Nippers, the Captain Christie early in the new year, the nationally run Surf Club Open Day at the start of the season, any many other dates all see the upstairs deck open for business. The club is also available to hire for your special event. Stay in touch for details, get in touch to make a booking for your event.

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  • NRL GF (German Theme) 01-Oct-17
  • Bathurst 1000 08-Oct-17
  • Kids Movie Night 04-Nov-17
  • Santa Photo Shots 26-Nov-17 @ 2pm-8pm
  • Kids Car Wash 26-Nov-17
  • Kids Movie Night 02-Dec-17
  • Club Christmas Party 17-Dec-17
  • Werri Warrior 23-Dec-17
  • NYE @ The Club 31-Dec-17
  • Movie Night 06-Jan-17
  • The Captain Christie 07-Jan-17

The Captain Christie.

The Captain Christie ocean swim is based on the legend of a sailor docked within Gerringong’s Boat Harbour, the erstwhile Captain William Earnest Bartholomew Christie. This is the oldest ocean swim of its kind, steeped in tradition, and dates back to 1882. Here’s the legend…

Legend has it that Captain Christie took up his sailor's challenge to swim from the harbour around the rocky headland to Werri Beach, for a bet of a bottle of the finest whisky. And he won. Reliving the event, every participant is rewarded for their valiant effort with a miniature bottle of whisky.

Although not long, the 1.8km long course is fraught with obstacles for the unprepared. Swimmers have to contend with the invariable north easterly wind chop, the strong currents along the rock shelf, and the breaking swell off the headland. The Captain Christie is held on the first Sunday of the new year, every year.

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  • The Captain Christie 07-Jan-18
  • Boat Harbour to Werri Beach, 1.8km
  • Bottle Of Whisky for Every Competitor
  • First Sunday of the New Year, Every Year
  • Alternate Course Seven Mile Beach

Surf Club Sign Up Process....

  1. Visit Surf Life Saving to sign-up and create an account for every person in the family (Join SLS )
  2. Join Surf Life Saving if the person signing up has never been a member of Surf Life Saving before (Join SLS Guide )
  3. Pay Membership Fees at the payments portal of $50 for an individual or $100 for a family (Payment Gateway Fees )
  4. if the person signing was already a member in recent years ()
  5. Send Us Email if you have questions that you can’t solve using the guides linked above (Email Gerringong Surf Club )

The most import aspect of joining any Surf Club is becoming financial by paying membership fees. It’s very simple to do using the payment portal linked above. Safety is the foundation of Surf Life Saving, any by paying membership fees you become covered by insurances. The club can then help you through the sharky waters of the online membership and administrative systems.


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